Team Members

Julia Anderson, PT

Julia is the owner and president of Fairplay Therapy Center. Her vision is to incorporate physical therapy & natural health principles with the best that technology has to offer to facilitate wellness in each of our lives.

Julia's dream is to work together with an incredible team, whose goal is to assist people to achieve health and wellness in their lives.

Julia comes from a long line of healers which is why it's no surprise that healing is what she is here to do.

Julia's journey as a healer started at a young age. As a teenager she worked in her father's Medical office, taking weight, blood pressure and temperature measurements. She had an awakening to her own gifts when one day she took a lady into the treatment room. As she did Julia felt her own left knee suddenly became very painful. It felt like she could barely walk. She pushed thru the taking of the lady's measurements. Out of confusion, she fled the room as soon as possible and stayed there until the doctor requested her to return. At this point, and much to Julia's surprise, the lady conveyed to the doctor the very same and specific knee pain that Julia had been experiencing... Suddenly Julia realized that her body was echoing the lady's pain within her own knee. This knowledge brought Julia a fair amount of distress because she didn't want to feel other people's pain as she worked with them. It has been a journey, learning to understand how these abilities can be a blessing. Julia believes that we all have extrasensory perception, and we are all unique in how we express and experience healing in our lives.

As a Physical Therapist and Doctor of Natural Health, it is her intention to assist each person to learn how to truly love their own magnificent body and nurture themselves. This happens thru natural health principles of exercise, rest, nutrition, alignment both physically and spiritually.

Fairplay Therapy Center has many modalities, techniques and tools to assist each person where they are on their journey to wellness.

Julia starts with basic alignment of the physical body. If the body is out of alignment, then mechanically it can not work correctly, and indicates area's of energy blockages. She assists in realigning the body if needed, and because the feet are the foundation of the body, if they need correction in their feet, then she uses the Footmaxx custom orthotics with a computerized gait plate to assess this and create top of the line custom orthotics. Many professional athletes have found significant improvement in their performance and comfort. Back, knee and foot pain can be completely eliminated if the problem is corrected in the feet.

Once the alignment is corrected, she instructs in home strategies to continue and maintain benefits of the treatments. We know that the real healing happens in each person, so education is key for understanding the body healing process.

It is natural for a body to heal and feel good. If alignment does not maintain easily, than Julia and her team work with releasing blocks to healing, such as techniques like dry needling, massage, M.E.L.T. for connective tissue imbalances, pilates, ThetaHealing for beliefs that may limit our well being, and state of the art allergy elimination computer and NAET techniques.

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Carol McDevitt, PTA

Raised in Bellevue, Iowa on the Mississippi river, one of 12 children Carol McDevitt grew up naturally helping others. This upbringing would be the catalyst and inspiration for her work as a Physical Therapist.

"I wanted to help others who had been injured or ill to become strong again and regain control of their lives. My goal is to help all people to achieve their greatest potential, to take time to listen and to go the extra mile to help those who need me most."

As a 1979 graduate from Southern Illinois University with an Associates Degree in Physical Therapy Carol has worked on many ailments and injuries: Spinal Injuries, Head Injuries, Stroke, Total Hip and Knee replacements and many more. With the unique skill set of pool therapy FTC is proud to have Carol as a member of the team.

With over 20 years of experience Carol has worked in California, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and of course Colorado.

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Amy Majikas, LMT

Amy Majikas was born and raised back east in Pennsylvania and Maine. She still has a little accent, though she has lived in Alma, Colorado since 1996. She lives in an ancient little cabin at the base of the continental divide at over 11,000 feet.

Amy joins FTC as the newest massage therapist to our team. She became interested in massage after a life changing experience. She brings her passion and compassion to her work with people.

Amy attended the Center of Advanced Therapeutics in Denver, graduating in 2002. She continues her education in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, and currently is Level II Advanced NM Therapist.

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Julie Danielsen, Office Assistant

Fairplay Therapy Center wouldn't be as successful as it is if it weren't for the efforts of the all around terrific Julie Danielsen. More often than not Julie's voice in the one you hear when you call to make an appointment. Should questions arise she's the go to person.

Originally from Edgware, Middlesex, England, Julie has lived in the states for over 25 years and after traveling extensively, she came to join us here at FTC in 2007.

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